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Resident's Rights Poster Contest

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National Long-Term Care Residents' Rights Week
2005 Poster Contest

The National Citizens' Coalition for Nursing Home Reform (NCCNHR) is pleased to announce a Residents' Rights Week Poster Contest. Posters are a festive and informative way to celebrate this national week, October 2 – 8, 2005, devoted to recognizing long-term care resident's rights.

Residents, family members, activity directors, long-term care staff, and advocates here is your chance to put your creative skills to the test! Design and submit a poster for Residents' Rights Week 2005!

The theme for Residents’ Rights Week this year is “Together We Can…Achieve Resident-Directed Care.” The packet will be full of useful information and training materials on individualized care, resident assessment, and the care planning process.

The Winning Poster will be reproduced as a 16x20 color poster and will become part of the 2005 Residents’ Rights Week packet. The winning poster will be highlighted on the NORC website; and the group or individual submitting the poster will be awarded a certificate.

Mail Poster Submissions to:



Attention: RR Week Poster Contest

1828 L St., NW, Suite 801

Washington, DC 20036



Questions concerning the contest can be directed to Julie Meashey,

Ombudsman Specialist at 202-332-2275 or jmeashey@nccnhr.org

Submission Criteria


         The deadline for submissions is August 1st, 2005.

         All submissions must include the following text somewhere on the poster: "Together We Can...Achieve Resident-Directed Care."

         Submissions must be 2 dimensional (flat with no trim materials like buttons, sequins, ribbons, etc.). Pictures are okay!

         All submissions will be displayed at the 2005 NCCNHR Annual Meeting.

         Each submission should be accompanied by a 1-page description of the poster and the process that was used to develop it (the names of individuals who assisted in creating the poster should be included).

         Individual or facility names should not appear on the poster submission, but should be included in the 1 page description (appropriate credit will be given to the individuals and the facility if the poster is selected as a winner).



Additional Information:

NCCNHR will reproduce copies of the winning poster. It is recommended that submissions use a light colored background and have a high level of contrast between the background color and any items in the foreground (text, pictures, etc.).  The winning poster will be reproduced with the final product having a dimension of 16 x 20 (submissions do not necessarily have to be this size).

Contest Rules


         At least one long-term care resident must be involved in the creation of the poster submission.

         All submissions must be received by the August 1st deadline.  Any posters received after this date cannot be submitted to judges.

         A panel of judges will select the winning posters.  Three submissions will be recognized: (1) winner, (2) first runner up, and (3) second runner up.

         Only the winning poster will be replicated for distribution.

         Anyone asked to serve as an official judge cannot participate in the creation of a submission or submit a poster for this contest.

         The winning poster may be enhanced to improve its readability for the replication process.

         NCCNHR is not responsible for lost, misdirected, or damaged submissions.

         NCCNHR reserves the right to use contest poster submissions, including the photographs and/or likenesses contained therein for promotional and publicity purposes, at any time, including, but not limited to posting on the NCCNHR/NORC websites, inclusion in promotional and other materials, and for display at the NCCNHR Annual Meeting.

         The contest winner and runners up will be announced no later than September 1, 2005.

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